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California Residents Proposition 65 WARNING: (State of California Prop 65) This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Daily Prostate Defense


Prostate Defense

A healthy prostate is a key component of a man’s sexual and urinary health.* The natural and organic concentrates in Daily Prostate Defense™ have been spe­cially formulated to support your prostate through a unique blend of ingredients.*

  • Organic Saw Palmetto: One of the best known botanicals for optimal support of prostate function, Saw Palmetto has long been used in Native American traditions.* Derived from Saw Palmetto berries, it delivers targeted nutritional support for the pros­tate and urinary tract system.*
  • Organic Tomato: The nutrients that give tomatoes their deep red color offer powerful antioxidant potential.* Studies suggest that regular consumption of tomato products may support a healthy prostate.*

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