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RxGenics Smart Pills for Smart Diagnosis.

Smart Pills! In the era of smart gadgets and technology empowering the medical industry, wearable technology shares great relevance. One interesting facet of the wearable technology is swalloable technology, precisely called smart pills!

Smart Pills – Smart Diagnosis-Global Smart Phone Health Care, 365 Days GPS Human Tracking Security & Monitoring Services:

Smart pills are digital pills built with sensors and cameras to track, record, and transmit the vital functions of the body. Lately, the development of smart pills has changed the overlook and improved the diagnostic as well as therapeutic approach in the medical and healthcare sector.
Little fact known about smart pills is they are an efficient health tracker. Being a proficient health tracker, the smart pills with chips or sensors could easily track whether a patient has consumed the appropriate meds.

Smart pills with digestive sensors

It is a new and dynamic element providing an improved approach in diagnostics! A smart pill with digestive sensors appears like a typical vitamin pill built with sensors. When consumed, the sensors record and transmit the functions digestive organs, monitor the health parameters, and transmit the data recorded. The liquids in the stomach activate the sensor. The data is received by a small patch worn by the user, which is then received by a smart phone or a computer. Any malfunctions or emergency health concerns are immediately alerted by the sensors, quick action is made from medical practitioners.

Smart Pills with Cameras- Capsule Endoscopy

The pills with inbuilt camera eased the diagnostic procedures. There is no need for painful endoscopy, colonoscopy, and multiple scans. A single pill has the potential to track all abnormalities of the internal organs. Intervention of a few fatal diseases at an early stage is the best practice to prevent development of the condition. Early diagnosis with proper diagnostic tools helps prescribing appropriate medicines to get rid of the diseases. However, it is not an easy task to diagnose the health conditions at very early stage. For instance, you may suffer from frequent stomach pain, which could be caused due to a number of factors, ranging from ulcer, acidity, indigestion, internal bleeding, etc. regardless of the number of diagnostic procedures, the percentage of diagnostic yield is low and many times not accurate. Just imagine about the non-detection of non-malignant tumors. There are chances that the tumors may become cancerous! Capsule endoscopy, a smart pill with cameras built either side of the pill eliminates the risk involved as well as provides accurate diagnosis. Tumors, inflammation of internal organs, internal bleeding, blocks or etc are captured by the camera built inside the pill. With correct information about the actual condition, spot-on diagnosis is facilitated.

Smart pills to build brain power and mental sharpness

The buzz about smart pills is enhancing the overall functions of the brain, more specifically, the mental sharpness! With tons of information about great scope on improving the memory, concentration and intelligence, people are raging over smart pills to boost their brain power! What is the reality?
Although it is perceived as performance improving substances (seen as addictive drugs), the reality of sensors to boost brain power is different. Using the smart pills built with cognitive sensors poses several concerns and ethical queries.
Detection of brain functions helps early prevention or treatment of degenerative brain diseases using the smart pills. The scope of smart pills with respect to brain functions is questionable now, but it may have a positive growth in the near future.

Service Fees:
1 Month            $1,750
3 Months           $3500
6 Months           $5,500
9 Months           $7,500
12 Months         $9,500

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